Defence Research Proposal (DRP)

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This topic focuses on how to prepare a research proposal and make a successful defence of it to the thesis examination panels.

Actions to be taken by the student

1. Things to do BEFORE proposal defence:

  1. Attend all Required Seminar
    • IGS Research Skills Seminar
    • Training in Innovation & Entrepreneurship Exploration (*TIE2) #Only for PhD
  2. Prepare six (6) copies of research proposal and send to College Head of Postgraduate Studies.
  3. Research proposal must be screened for plagiarism using Turnitin software.  The similarity index must be less than 30%. The proposal must be attached with the Attendance Confirmation Form and the Turnitin Originality Report with both endorsed by the Main Supervisor.
  4. You are also required to attached (1) a copy of the IGS Research Skills Certificate/exemption letter and (2) TIE2 Certificate (for PhD student).
  5. Research proposal and all required documents must be submitted to the Faculty two (2) weeks before the DRP.

2. Contents of Research Proposal

Research proposal is a written statement of the research design that includes a statement explaining the objective of the study and a detailed, systematic outline of a particular research methodology. Normally, the research proposal for a Master/PhD degree includes the following key elements:

  • Full title of the research
  • Background of the problem/study
  • Problem statement/Problem identification
  • Research objectives/Research questions
  • Scope and limitation of the study
  • Significance of the study
  • Literature review
  • Conceptual framework (if applicable)
  • Hypotheses (if applicable)
  • Research methodology/research design/sampling/data collection/plan for data analysis
  • Study plan/Gantt chart
  • List of references

Notes for students:

  • The suitable length of research proposal is different from one field to another. Please refer to your supervisor.

3. Research Proposal Assessment

  • Title (5%)
  • Problem Statement (20%)
    • Problem Analysis – 10 %
    • Justification and Rationale (Research Gap) – 10%
  • Research Objectives & Research Questions (20%)
  • Literature Review/Conceptual Work (20%)
    • Organization of Bodies of knowledge – 10%
    • Propose research framework – 10%
  • Research Methodology/Research Design (20%)
    • Method of data collection and analysis
    • Sampling design
    • Procedure and technique/experimental setup
  • Significance of the research (15%)

4. Supporting Documents and Forms for Defence of Research Proposal

  • Confirmation for Defence of Research Proposal
  • Defence of Research Proposal Assessment Form
  • Defence of Research Proposal Result
  • Defence of Research Proposal Correction Verification

*please refer to the Download Section

Credit source: Institut Pengajian Siswazah (IPSis)

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